Disco is a next-gen workforce intelligence service.

Our solution makes workforce planning simpler, faster, and easier to explain - at fraction of the cost of a consulting team.

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How does it work?

  1. Ask a question
  2. Link data
  3. Explore an interactive answer

We help managers and investors address their most pressing workforce questions. No need to build a dashboard or countless excel models.

Based on your strategic objectives we work together to define a set of critical questions. Our system will define the data needed to produce bespoke models including risks and potential actions. Then we’ll share an interactive interface to filter, sort, and explore results. This can all occur in a handful of days, at fraction of the cost of a consulting team.

What do you get?

  • Question: Ask a question in your own words. We’ll sort the rest.
  • Answer: Get results specific to your needs and use.
  • Inspector: Unlike static slides, you can browse, drill down, and filter.
  • Signals: Explore risks and opportunities to address.
  • Suggested Questions: Expand or specify your inquiry with related questions.
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What can you ask?

Want to find high-value roles for M&A integration or talent development? Perhaps you’d like to test skill capacity against new strategic goals? Just ask.
Common questions by
role /
Do I have enough people to meet capacity for next year?
Do I have correctly qualified people?
Are people assigned to the most valuable work?
Who generates the most revenue?
What are the biggest workforce risks to reaching 3 yr targets?
Which roles are most valuable for the next 3 yrs?
How do we best allocate retention incentives?
Which talent investments will most increase or probability of success?
What are our most critical workforce needs in the future?
Which managerial competencies foster higher levels of employee engagement?
Which roles have the greatest succession risk?
Where do we need the largest talent investments in the next 3 years?
Who are the best people for a particular role?
Who is multiplying engagement and performance of others?
What workforce changes could most improve employee engagement?
What is the optimal pay/performance/engagement mix?
Which leadership promotion am I most qualified to get?
What training or assignments will help me get role [x]?
Which roles most align with my goals and values?
What actions will help my increase my income by 20%?
ReorganizationTransformationGrowthStrategyM&A Integration
How can people be (re)assigned?
What skills gaps will we have next year?
What are all the feeder roles for succession into a specific leader role?
What should our job families be if grouped by skill?
What future roles are most valuable?
Are our best people working in our most valuable roles?
How can we optimize our workforce utilisation and productivity?
Which roles are most likely to go away as we digitize?
Do we have capacity to hit our targets?
What are our most critical workforce needs in the future?
Which jobs have the best opportunity for training investment?
Do we have a skill gap risk based on industry trends?
Which skills need to be hired vs trained?
What work could be most easily automated?
What is the marginal return of one dollar invested in workforce?
Can we optimize role and project assignments?
How do we allocate retention incentives?
Which acquired employees have the most potential for the parent co?
Who should we retain, reassign, or retrain for future plans?
Where can individual talent goals better align with business goals?

Why Disco?

Our team has spent nearly two decades building data science teams and leading innovation. What did we learn? Data is fantastic, but people decisions need a human touch. While software can help, a dashboard is not a strategy. We'd rather pay for answers than another empty tool. We built Disco to help teams solve problems, invest in talent, and create value. Our work is tech-enabled and human-led. Get deep human+machine expertise, with less cost, less hassle, and more value.