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    Our competitors require dozens of interviews. Usually < 50% succeed.

    Our clients hire in 5-10 interviews.

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    Around the world, it takes > 50 days to fill a tech role.

    Our clients interview in 7 days.

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    Most companies spend $4,000 in staff time or recruiters to source.

    Our customers average $650 per hire.


We’re trusted by +150 high growth companies hiring across Africa.

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We’re not just another algorithm. We start by asking you what matters in your business.Then we introduce you to talent you actually want to meet.   Smarter sourcing Graphic

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We believe imagination, good science, and a lot of hard work can change how we see potential in people. Curious? Chat with our founders.

Jessica Colaço

CRO, Growth

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Daniele Orner

CSO, Science

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Ibanga Umanah

CEO, Strategy

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